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I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's irmpsesnig me! :)


That's an amazing list of medicinal herbs ! I hope there are no poisonous ones. I wonder if these herbs have qualities that can be used for drugs and medicines.


Honestly I do not know even a single plant Sidney or maybe I know some of them but they are using different terms :D!

Like anyone here, pictures are just impressive however this gives me goosebumps! Need I say more :D !


simply amazing!

luna miranda

thank you for giving us a macro-view of this "cultural" activity in Siquijor. i'm thinking, healing and casting of spells have become a livelihood industry in this area. i don't know if that's good or bad.


It's fascinating how a country so fixated on Roman Catholicism also entertains these types of ceremonies. Thanks for sharing.


Awesome photo documentary you have here, Sidney! I'm sure such information cannot be found anywhere else in the Internet!


thanks sidney for the wonderful account and images. you acquaint us, especially the younger generation of pinoys about the diversity and richness of our culture. this is also enlightening to most of our kababayans as most of what they know about siquijor are just accounts that are hand-me-downs. this is as in-your-face as it can be short of actually being there.

p.s. hope you didn't succumb to any spell when you were there :-) been to siquijor twice but all the spell i've succumbed to is the immense beauty and peacefulness of the place


sidney, wow, that last pic looks like a delicious salad! mmmmmmm...

John Maslowski

Great series of shots, very interesting about the way they cultivate herbs. Thanks for the lesson here. Great compositions.


The soil really affects the toxicity of certain herbs. For example the ulasimang-bato, an herb approved by DOH, is found to be, lethal when planted in a non organic way.

dodong flores

Sometime I believe they're keeping the preparation a secret! Now, they let you take photos of such activity. Well done, Sidney...

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Great photos Sidney. I heard about the rituals done during Holy Week. Interesting names of plants/herbs. Many of them I haven't heard before.


that one guy looks like he has been dipping into the herbal portion just a little to much

donG hO

nice shots and really good features. i'm really into this type of posts.


heureusement qu'il n'ya plus de buchers car tu as trouvé un repaire de sorcières


nice photos. very typical pilipino herbalist. hi! i!m belen


nice photos. a typical pilipino herbalist. hi! i!m belen


nice photos. very typical pilipino herbalist. hi! i!m belen

haggis basher

Did you take some magic oil back to Manila with you?
I wonder what modern science might discover if they analyzed this magic oil.


...guardians of ancient knowledge...they will always survive to keep magic alive...

Ashish Sidapara

beautiful images! thanks for sharing the process, i may well try creating some :)


That will be a very interesting meeting.


It must be good to know all about herbs and plants. I'm lost when it comes to that. My eldest son is studying to become a bio engineer, so he knows a lot about plants.
Great photos again!


des images magiques!! bravo c'est superbe

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